Bruxism Club provides opportunities for interdisciplinary workers - including, but not limited to, artists - to unite in decentralized spaces. We work together with artists and others to provide a supportive environment for research, exhibition, and performance. We develop shows in offsite, nonstandard locations as well as in partner galleries and venues, creating dialogue between eccentric local experiences and standardized aesthetic presentations.

Our current locations include:
• Yogyakarta, Indonesia
• Penang, Malaysia
• Bangkok, Thailand
• Songjiang, China
• Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
• Hong Kong, Hong Kong

We are able to organize shows via the internet, or host travelling artists. Curatorial pitches, collaborative schemes, and artworks are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Participants are selected through an open application process and upon invitation. Emphasis is placed on inclusivity for voices overlooked by dominant discourses.

Please send us an email indicating the following:
•Proposed date and location of project
•Statement of interest; where does your project intersect ours?
•A description of the projects you would like to realize
•Past projects that would help us understand your work
•URLs or images
•Dreams, chatlogs, childhood memories...